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Try this one thing to improve your nutrition

A lot of us feel like we struggle to eat well, yes? At least, eat well consistently.

Sometimes we start/stop, we over-eat certain foods or at certain times, we get bored/stressed etc...

Try this ONE thing today to dramatically shift your nutrition,

Choose higher quality foods more often.

Yes, boring huh.

Easier said than done?

Why is this important: it's more in the mindset than the actual choices. The phrasing of that one thing is important. Let's dive in...

Choose higher quality foods more often.

Higher: not high, good, great or perfect food. More often: not all the time, not consistently, not perfectly.

When we practice this one skill, then we can make broad overall improvements to food quality, and choose foods from a continuum of from 'worse' to 'better. This skill enables us to move away from 'all or nothing' thinking, and instead ask ourselves:

How could this choice be a little bit better right now?

Sometimes it can even be helpful to ask yourself the reverse question: what might a little bit worse of a choice be right now?

In this way, you can see how your choices are actually on a scale - and every point on that scale is valuable, representing choices that contribute to your health and your goals. 0 would be the 'worst' choice and 10 the 'best' choices which are all in line with our health and fitness goals (in an imaginary life of no stress, no work, no kids, just time to look after ourselves!).

If you are a 1 on that scale (and some weeks, we all are), you don't have to worry about what a 10 looks like. But what might a 2 today look like for you?

When we ask ourselves this question, it's also a doorway to experiment, upgrade and explore. You're not trying to be perfect, so there's no rules and no failure.. A world without food rules - freedom!! Explorations, trying habits on 'for size', expanding food repertoires, fun adventures and improving cooking skills and recipes are now all options.

Where might you be on this scale of choices today?

What small choices might shift you up that scale today?

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