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The Summer Shake Up Series

We're shaking everything with your health up - literally - physically, mentally and spiritually.

A completely FREE series of masterclasses running every other week across July and August.

That's right, FOUR whole FREE masterclasses to reconnect with your deep health.

AND. Here's the thing.

This is a solid hour, every two weeks, of actual stuff that will help. Cost free.

I am giving away the GOLD for free.

What you're gonna get in the Shake Up series...

Soft. Swearing. Fierce. Powerful. Magic. Sensual. Wild. Skills. Release. Permission. Change. Science. Soul. Shifts. Connection. Peace. Calm. Strength. You get actionable steps too, REAL stuff you can do. Science-backed, soul-led.

What you're not gonna get...

Advice. Info for the sake of info. Knowledge you can't do anything with. You're going to get an embodied EXPERIENCE and SKILLS, which are a whole lot deeper than info and advice imo.

1. Shake Up: Body

Tuesday 4th July, 7pm BST

In this masterclass, we'll shake up the body to help you process and release stress and all the emotions we hold in our mind and body. We'll use our breath, movement, strength, shaking, and flow.

2. Shake Up: Belief

Tuesday 18th July, 7pm BST

Bring a belief that is causing you some trouble: low self-confidence, relationship with food, all-or-nothing mindset, I can't do this, etc and in this masterclass we'll map out all the different parts of you around this worry for more inner clarity, space and calm.

3. Shake Up: Rest

Tuesday 1st August, 7pm BST

We're living emotionally exhausted so this is a masterclass to step into the relaxed women you want to be. Expect insights on exactly why you're feeling as tired, burnt out and disillusioned as you do (it's *not* just you). We'll use meditation, somatics, breathwork and tapping for emotional release to downregulate and access deep rest

4. Shake Up: Eating

Tuesday 15th August, 7pm BST

In this masterclass, I share the most powerful game-changing mindset shift that will change your relationship to food forever. We'll look at why it works AND how to make it work for you

So sign up. Share with a friend. Invite another friend and get them to invite someone else too. Because I want as many women there who will be helped by experiencing this stuff.

Invite your friends, yes, but invite your mothers, your daughters, your sisters and your colleagues.

And I invite YOU 💞

Click here to register.

Share below when you're in, and which workshop you're most excited for 👇


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