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The Rest Recipe

Busy, busy, busy. Has anyone ever experienced burn out? A bit of a melt down? Coming down with another cold?

And when it comes to rest we think we can't do it. Something needs to get done. This won't happen if I don't do it. These people need me. But this relentlessness wears away at us until we are so, so empty. Does anyone resonate?

I felt this last week. And a good friend reminded me:

A poorly human needs rest

A tired human needs rest

A stressed human needs rest

And rest, in those situations, is the most productive thing we can do. Sometimes we feel guilty for taking it, but actually we can't give, share and build others up without doing that for ourselves first.

Secondly, it's easy to confuse numbing ourselves for rest; watching TV, surfing social media on our phones, alcohol, computer games, overeating, undereating. Numbing allows us to escape from our reality for a while - but does it address our true needs? A need for the nervous system to rest and be and reset. A need for connection, expression and filling up.

What feels good in your body and creates self-worth for you? Do those things to rest. Walk outside. Sleep. Hug. Sweat it out. Talk. Breathe. And never, ever feel guilty for doing those things - what story from society and/or our upbringing have we internalised that that guilt is built upon? Can you recognise it and challenge it?

Last week I did much more yoga and I didn't go to the gym once. I didn't do some of the things I thought I 'needed' to do. I went to bed early and I cuddled. It's not rock and roll. It doesn't look dramatic and cool. But it works.

Breathe and be people. Create space for yourself. The rest recipe is - a little bit every day. And sometimes a lot of it! Rest is a necessity, not a luxury.


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