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One nutrition practice, SO many benefits

I speak to a lot of people who get to a place where they just feel stuck with their nutrition, their relationship to food and their body, their goals for their health, movement and how they want to feel.

On one end of the scale, I know we can get lost in the web of data, the methods: the macros, the calories, the timing and amount of protein, the body recomposition, measurements, spreadsheets, numbers, numbers, numbers.

And then on the other end, we can get lost in the things we've tried before, given up on and kind of lose hope. We're stuck in no mans land and have *no idea* about the way to move forwards, and what actually matters.

I'd say, no matter what your nutrition goals are, and/or whether you are working on your relationship to food, then this one key practice will still help you:


Yep, that's it.

Simple, yes.

Easy? Not often.

So also, let's get rid of the idea that you 'should' be able to figure this out and do it perfectly.

Or perhaps that you already do just fine with this thanks, and how is it going to make a big difference?

Why it's important:

Imagine trying to fuel a car with petrol going down the motorway. Probably not going to get a lot in effectively right?

That's exactly how many of us are trying to fuel our bodies: in a state of high activation, with a lot going on, and at the very least, very distracted.

Have you ever eaten something and not really remembered eating it?


How often in today's world do we actually take the time to eat and ONLY eat? Not walking, not driving, not working, not watching TV and not whilst we're on our phone?

Eating slowly can help with managing our stress, tuning into our bodies needs and giving it permission to rest. It can help us be more in tune with our hunger cues, and give a more wonderful sense of satisfaction because we've used all our sense to engage with our meal. Check the Instagram post below for an easily savable or pinnable summary!

How you can practice this:

- remove one distraction (you probably can't remove all of them, so let's start with one!)

- sit down

- time yourself eating

- keep a food journal (not necessarily writing down *what* you are eating, but rather how you have experienced it)

- put your utensils down in between mouthfuls

- slow down to the pace of the slowest person you're eating with

Try it in a small way this week, and see how you feel, Nothing to lose right?

Simple things, done regularly, make a remarkable difference. I know you hear me.

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