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My Best Music & Podcast Ideas for Your Health

Our environmental health is a component of our deep health; this idea that the way we move and what we eat are just two dimensions of the complex picture that makes up our health.

Our environmental health does literally mean what we’re surrounded by, so that might include the amount of light you’re exposed to, what foods you choose to have or not have in the house, how calm and tidy the room is where you’re trying to relax, but part of our environmental health is also digital.

We are surrounded by social media, ads, podcasts, radio, news and books. And these messages that we allow in are often unfiltered, but I believe have a huge impact in shaping the way we think and feel. Your online world is like an online city where you have complete control over what you let in and out.

So, today I want to focus on our digital environment, and share with you some of my top ideas, products (I have no affiliation whatsoever with any of these!) that you might try out:


The Plan is Podcast

Of course I’m going to recommend my own!! (But I'm also not going to say it's the best one out there too!!) Listen here now. Episodes tend to be short and sweet, with a mixture of chat, science and actionable ideas that you can try out straight away ;) Often I chat about what I’ve been listening to and learning each week in my own life. Each week there’s also a bonus episode that’s either breathing, meditation or inspiration etc that can help bolster your health through the week.

The School of Greatness - Lewis Howes

This has been a staple favourite of mine for ages. The variety of topics and guests means there is probably something there for everyone, plus the long conversations allow for a great deep dive into topics.

The Huberman Lab - Dr Andrew Huberman

If you love a good geek out and what to stay on top of lots of new science, then this is for you. In recent episodes he discussed the role of light, heat and cold in our health; Dr Andrew Huberman is a neuroscientist who makes the science easy and applicable.

Unlocking us - Brene Brown

To be fair, I’m probably going to love anything with Brene Brown. Her research and sheer humanness makes listening to her always life-enriching. I especially love the episodes she recorded that act as a read-a-long ‘book club’ for some of her books.

Other (constantly evolving) podcast favourites that I dip in and out of:

  • The Fitspro Podcast - Annie Miller

  • On Purpose - Jay Shetty

  • How to Fail - Elizabeth Day

  • The Rich Roll Podcast

  • Not Another Nutrition Podcast - Martin MacDonald

  • Delicious Ways to Feel Better - Ella Mills


Shokz headphones

My newest find and I’m loving them!! I really like the idea of not having something inside my ears, and these work through bone conduction. Plus, it means you can still hear what’s going on in your surroundings, which is great for safety if you’re exercising outside. I’ve just purchased the OpenRun Mini headphones, but they do several different versions for size/activity.

Beats per minute

I’m not going to start recommending particular songs or playlists (not sure anyone wants to listen to my playlists all that much, but you’re welcome to check them out here!), but have you considered the speed of the beat? If you enjoy rhythmical activity like walking, running, cycling, swimming etc, then choosing a beat per minute (bpm) can really help sustain you or even speed you up! I’ve never really run with music before but I’m finding it makes a big difference when I do!

What are your favourite music and podcasts on fitness and health? Add your ideas below in the comments section!

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