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Behind the Scenes on the Decision to Open a Studio

I've spent most of this year off social media and not posting much.

I've been sitting with questions.


And this is new for me.

Giving lots of space to see what's unfolding rather than rushing in.

And sure, I could have processed real-time on the internet, and spoke about these decisions and questions as I was figuring them out.

But I don't owe anyone that.

And the process of keeping stuff close to me when needed feels both new and sacred.



now there's news.

(cue excited dance!)

So you may or may have not seen emails and/or social media posts about me opening up an in-person venue all of my own for 'Fresh Air And'.

Well, here's the story, and all the behind the scenes on THAT decision.

This really starts way back last summer, when I was working with a coach myself, and I remember saying to her 'there's a bigger change to be made here, but I'm not quite sure what it is'.

I have had questions.

About direction. Impact. Lifestyle. Purpose.

All big things to sit with. The question really is:

How do I fully integrate IFS (the type of therapy that I do) and impact the most people in a deep, caring, fun, connecting way? How do I bring our bodies into all of this?

And I had a few key experiences forming these questions:

I led my first cohort of 'Home'; 5 incredible women for 16 weeks on everything to do with relationship to food and body, followed by a couple of in-person client nights where we had fun on a walk and in a glass workshop. I LOVED it. Absolutely adored those experiences. Gimme more.

And, I also expanded my small group personal training group and seeing how they came together as they got to know each other more, what we'd talk about and share, what became possible as they supported each other and I supported them in making choices that were right for them - IS MAGIC.

I knew I needed, and we all needed, more of that.

I had though initially about it these decisions in quite black and white terms - I need to choose IFS therapy, or doing what I'm doing now. Either/or.

And the answer actually, is BOTH.

It's an 'and'.

So that's what we're going to do.

We're going to strength train in place that you walk in and it feels more like a beautiful, calming yoga studio.

We're going to laugh on the sofas together whilst drinking coffee, and looking at the view and breathing in the fresh air.

We're going to create a vibrant family where there is more chance for YOU to connect, take what you need and step more into who you want to be.

We're going to welcome all emotions, all parts of us, in a space that is actually designed to do so.

In addition to our memberships, which will include strength training, yoga and breath work sessions, we'll also run short courses on anxiety, stress and burn out, peaceful eating and relationship to food, people pleasing, introduction to yoga/breath work/meditation (essentially teaching 'Home' in smaller chunks, in person).

We'll also have other wellness practitioners leading events and workshops in anything and everything that adds to our lives: craft and creativity, and all other aspects of nutrition and health.

And I'll also still be doing 1:1 IFS therapy.

You can follow along and see more behind the scenes on social media by following @fresh.air.and on Facebook and Instagram.


Lots of things aren't going to change (if you work online with me, that won't be affected at all).

But also some things will, and I'm going to be speaking more about that over the next few weeks.


So keep tuning in...


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