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6 Things I Will Always Stand For

Updated: May 12, 2022

Being in the health & fitness arena sometimes comes with assumptions people make about you - the same way we make assumptions about many other professions and things in life! (I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all by the way - assumptions are necessary for our brain to process large amounts of information, and filter out things so that we can keep functioning without being overwhelmed. Thanks brain!)

So whether you know me well, or not at all, as a holistic health coach I will ALWAYS stand for these:

YOU’RE the expert, not me. You are the expert in your own body, and no amount of knowledge or expertise on my part changes that. I don’t believe in one version of health, or one set of behaviours. I believe all women should be able to feel empowered to create their version of full health, and feel amazing in their own skin. Our health and fitness journey should be about joy, vibrancy and connection, and feeling at home in our bodies.

NOT letting health and fitness goals get in the way of life - your health & fitness should help you ENJOY life more, and step into who you want to become and the way you want to feel. It’s not about time spent in the gym - it’s about the energy, vitality, resilience, grit, mental strength and being on the same team as your mind and body that makes you better at life!

KINDNESS and ENJOYMENT are key. I believe in a simple, accessible and sustainable way of practising your fitness & nutrition - building a relationship with food and your body that is built on kindness and curiosity, not elimination and restriction. And yes, that includes pizza, chocolate and whatever other foods you most enjoy!

Staying in my lane. Whilst we might look holistically at your life together, including stress, sleep, movement, self-confidence, and nutrition, I’m a personal trainer, nutrition coach and yoga teacher - I am not a therapist, doctor, physiotherapist or dietitian. I will always refer out and recommend another healthcare professional if needed.

Practising what I preach. I am never going to fake it with you, and or say one thing and do another. I’ll share the workouts I do (including the ones from my own programmes) as well as the workouts I miss. I’ll also share what I’m learning, any mistakes and how I might have changed my mind over time!

I believe in LONG TERM sustainable change - I’m never about the quick fixes (that can sometimes worsen our long term outcomes or relationship to food or our bodies!). My goal is always to put myself out of a job - to make you confident and powerful in your own life. So you won’t see sharing before and afters, you won’t see me offering 6 week transformations, or offering meal plans. Let’s do the deep stuff with curiosity, flexibility and a whole lot of grace for ourselves: you’re worth that investment.

Was there anything surprising for you above?

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